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Welcome to, a place to connect, share, and experience universal healing and well-being. Our mission is to create a web of knowledge about what is Reiki, how to heal using Reiki, share advance Reiki tips, and muchMy Reiki Community more.

My Reiki Community is a tool for healers to share their experiences, get to know each other, connect with similar-minded people, organize and create Reiki events/retreats, find Reiki masters and Reiki practitioners in the FREE REIKI DIRECTORY, and even sell their used Reiki Tools such as Massage Tables, Healing Stones, aromatherapy oils, etc. We even have a section for members to find their Reiki Soul-Mate.

-FREE Reiki Tools-

Reiki Blog

Our FREE Reiki Blog provides a constant stream of interesting and relevant information about a variety of topics touching Reiki. Members will be able to have their own blogging engine for FREE so that they can share their knowledge, experience, and/or questions. Each member will receive one free website to share as much as he/she wants.

Reiki Classifieds

Other sites charge their members to advertise and sell their products. My Reiki Community is different. Registered Reiki Practitioners will be able to access all REIKI TOOLS available on this Reiki Classifiedssite for FREE. My Reiki Community works on a simple "Positive Karma" system, certain actions give you X amount of points, for example: we need to make sure that you are really using this site to make a positive impact, therefore after you invite 5 friends you will be able to post in the "Reiki Classifieds" section. Everybody can read the Reiki Classifieds section, and actually it will be very publicized online since AlexWebMaster will be doing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guaranteeing that the posts of Members Level One and beyond will be visible online.

Reiki Practitioners Reiki DirectoryDirectory

Members of My Reiki Community will be able to submit their contact information to the Directory and have it listed so that if anybody, for example, searches in Google "Reiki masters in Houston, TX" your name will have high chances of coming up first list on the results. Again, we will work hard to make sure that this website is highly visible on Search Engines so that you can have Free Reiki Advertisement. The more you interact with My Reiki Community, the more visible you will be. Make sure to use the Reiki Blog to maximize your potential.

Members Only Area

Sign up for FREE at and you will gain access to the Members Only Area. No matter if you are just starting on your Reiki Journey or you are an experienced Reiki Master, you can always learn more and share your knowledge in the Members Only Area. Here you will have your very own profile, with a "wall" that will display your most recent comments Members only areaand links to articles. You will be able to use the Reiki Chat to interact with other online members live. As a MyReikiCommunity member you will be able to post events for the public and/or other members. You can upload photos, videos, and even music (just make sure you own the rights of it) for other members and non-members to see. You will be able to "make friends" with other members and share whatever you please with them. We have our own internal messaging system and (unlike other sites) you choose your own level of privacy. Every time you post something, a little icon on the corner will allow you to share with "Other Members Only", "Friends Only", and "Publicly".

Of course, the more "Public" postings you have, the more visible you will be for purposes of other areas of the site.


No other website provides a Reiki Soul-Mate Searching option as complete as

I deeply believe that everybody has by destiny a Soul-Mate: one soFind your soulmateul in two bodies that are "meant" to be. I remember reading when I was younger that "at least once in a life-time you at least cross sights with your soul-mate", maybe you do not end up being with him/her as your life-partner but at least you "meet" him/her and that moment can charge you of energy for many years. Well, it is said that you got a little more chances to win the lotto if you buy a ticket, this is your ticket to find someone as passionate about Reiki as you are.

For members, PLEASE share and invite as many friends to as you can, even though you might have already found your soul-mate. Why? Because perhaps you are the link to bind two hearts separated by distance.

Advanced Reiki Tips

Only the best original articles of members will be displayed here. This is the spotlight of the Reiki Tipswebsite, members who have submitted great articles and have received high votes from other members will be granted that their articles will make it to the Advanced Reiki Tips.


In this section you will find the best tools to help you in your Reiki path, make sure to check it constantly since it will be continuously updated. From affordable massage tables to unique Tibetan singing bowls. Do you have some recommended tools? send us an email with your recommendations and we will put them up!

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